Monday, April 25, 2011

Art Teacher Spring Workshop

                                 We used cardboard that I saved from a store I worked at
                                  part time for years. I have a LOT of great recyclables I use
                                 for art projects which really helps with all of the budget

                                      Sorry about the direction of the photo's, I'm new at this!
                                  After stretching the pantyhose over the wire armature, we
                                  applied two coats of white glue
                                          The gal that presented this project had her students use
                                          Aboriginal themes for their painting

                                  The fabulous Ms.Liz herself
                                  Project sharing-mixed media assemblage
                                  A value study project
In March, the art teacher's from Southwest Iowa gathered together in Neola for another fabulous and productive workshop. Our amazingly talented and fearless host, Liz Lyons, organized a fun and educational day for 28 participants. I was one of the presenters and shared my unit on Pacific Northwest Coast art. One of the other presenters taught us how to create "pantyhose" sculptures with a wire hanger, a block of wood and nylons. It was AWESOME! Here are some pic's from that day.


Amelia Ariella said...

Can you do a tutorial on the sculptures? I want to adapt it to making interesting wig heads.

Pat said...


I was a participant at the workshop so I can only describe what I remember. First, we unbent? a wire hanger. Next, the presenter had drilled two small holes in a block of wood that she provided. We twisted the wire into a shape we like and stuck the two ends of the hanger into the holes. Next we stretched pantyhose or knee-hi's over the entire armature so that the stocking ended up being being gather tightly under the wood block. Then we put two coats of white glue on the stocking. We all took them home to paint them after the workshop. We used acrylic paint. Hope that helps!