Thursday, April 28, 2011

Crayon/Marker "Stained Glass"

I actually got the idea for this project many years ago from a student. I watched her doodling around with a pink crayon and watercolor markers on a checkerboard design she had created. I tweaked it a bit and voila! I have used this project with 3-5th grade with great results. I have students draw a wavy checkerboard pattern on 9x12 white sulphite. I have to remind them to use gentle waves, not nervous waves or zig zags. They usually get 8 or 9 vertical waves and 10 horizontal waves. Have them press hard to make thick lines. If students outline a space before filling it in with marker, they will be able to stay off of the crayon lines which could damage the tips of the markers. This project is a great opportunity to teach or review the color wheel, analogous colors, and warm and cool color families. These are all 3rd grade examples. Most students had the coloring finished at the beginning of the 2nd 45 minute class and could start cutting out their shapes and glueing them onto their black backgrounds which were cut to 12x14". I never get tired of looking at these!

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