Wednesday, May 4, 2011

First Grade Takes on Thiebaud's Cakes

I am a firm believer in teach them young and they will amaze themselve's as well as you! Teaching basic 3-D drawing, (cylinders), to my first grade classes was like watching light bulbs pop on over their little heads. They were so excited as we were drawing these cakes. We practiced once, with me drawing a line, then they drew the line. After that, they took off on their own and made bigger and bigger cakes. We drew the outline in pencil, added decorations with oil pastels, and painted the rest with glitter paint from Discount School Supply, (I love that catalog!) I hope you enjoy these "tasty" cakes!


Mary said...

So glad to have found your blog Pat. Great name, Sharpie woman. I think my students would love to nickname me that. They're always saying, "we know, trace over in Sharpie." :)
I really love what looks like tissue paper landscapes inspired by Georgia O'Keefe at your header!

Pat said...

Thanks Mary! I couldn't function without my Sharpie's! The tissue paper O'Keeffe projects you referred to turned out so be so much fun.I think, I'm not sure, that I found that project in, Dynamic Art Prjects for Kids.My 4th graders were fascinated by manipulating tissue paper into a composition with gloss medium.


Art at Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School said...

I just discovered your blog.
These cakes look delicious.
I love the lines and colors

Pat said...

Thank you Chesterbrook Academy!