Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Neon Matisse

My 4th grade students were introduced to fluorescent tempera paint for this Matisse collage. They LOVED it! I asked them to draw only 5 lines with a ruler that were either vertical or horizontal. They proceeded to paint each section with a different color. The next class, they were asked to tell a story with their cut-out pieces of black paper. I required a pattern, lines that showed movement, and a focal point. Just for authenticity, I showed them how to cut organic, amorphous "Matisse Pieces", the more the merrier. These were a hit on display and I will use this project again.


Mr. E said...

Ok Pat...I added your blog to my roll. The more you post..the closer your blog will be to the top! If it is closer to the top..more people will see it. More people that see it..more that might start following it!!! SO POST POST POST!!! :) ha ha I'd save a few posts to put up during the summer also. By nature..blogs really slow down over the summer months( I may only post two or three times ) catch their attention now..and you'll have an audience waiting for you in the fall! If you ever need any thoughts on your blog..I'm here..just ask. Many blessings!!!!

Pat said...

Thanks Mr. E, you're the best!