Thursday, June 16, 2011

Foil Fish

The last project of the year for my 4th grader's was a take on some of the underwater  scenes I've found on the blogs. I had purchased a load of Easter grass after the holiday and really wanted to use it for this project. Well, that was a nice idea that didn't work too well! I really liked the way the crinkly foil showed through the acetate sheets and the kids were thrilled to be drawing on something other than paper with permanent marker. We had to use rubber cement to get the acetate to stick to the foil but it worked well. Some added other fish or undersea detail, some were just happy to get the fish completed. A fun project to end the school year with!


DellaRae said...

I love your undersea creatures. they are so bright and colorful. Will you share your technique for creating them?

Art at Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School said...

Absolutely beautiful!
I love the use of foil.
The colors and patterns are amazing

Miss said...

These are really pretty- I'm planning something similar at the moment with foil and sharpies. You're right- the kids love using Sharpies!

Pat said...

Hi DellaRae,

Here's the lesson:

1.Have kids draw a patterned fishon 81/2x11 copy paper
2. Have them place a transparency sheet over their drawing and trace it with a black fine pt. Sharpie
3.Color directly on the transparency with PERMANENT color markers
4. Use a piece of foil slightly larger than the fish and crinkle it SLIGHTLY
5.Cut fish out and glue onto foil with rubber cement(only the edges)
6. Cut excess foil off
7. Glue foil fish onto a previously painted underwater background (12x18 white)w/reg. glue
8. Add other underwater creatures and such with marker
9. I had them try to glue green Easter grass on as seaweed with so-so results

Phyl said...

These are GORGEOUS - thanks for sharing the technique! I just accidentally discovered your blog and realized you already follow mine - don't know how I missed it! Anyhow, love the project but I cannot use rubber cement - it is not allowed in the school due to toxicity. But I have some clear contact paper and maybe I'll try that. I'm thinking dragons...

By the way, love the name of your blog (I'm a Sharpie addict) and love your blog photo too. Count me in as your newest follower!

Mrs. Hahn said...

Lovely on tin foil! The kids love to work that medium and I adore the way they turn out. Nice project! This is my first time on your blog. I will be sure to add you to my blog roll.

Pat said...

Dear Mrs. Hahn,
I am so happy to have you as a follower on my blog. I have followed
you for quite awhile and greatly admire the work you do with your students.(I love foil projects too!)

louise isobel said...

Hi Pat, thanks for looking at my blog and saying Hi! The best advice I can give on adapting art projects is to make sure that each project combines a number of different activities. While your mainstream kids can spend the whole class drawing, that activity will probably only keep your SPED kids occupied for a few minutes (or seconds!)I often use collage in my classes so that I can get the students to cut, tear, glue and combine different drawing materials. This keeps them interested for the whole hour. Another good reason for having lots of different activities is so that there will hopefully be something that each student can manage to do: a student might not be able to use scissors but they can spread glue on something or choose a colour of paint. I'm lucky in that the students in my class all have an individual carer to help them. I hope that you will have extra help in your classroom too!