Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stop me before I buy out Barnes and Noble!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I cannot go near a bookstore nowadays without being sucked in and spending my hard earned "retirement" funds. I will probably end up one of those poor souls who eats pet food because I frittered away my "wealth" on children's books. I started buying books when I read Kathy Barbro's blog, Art Projects for Kids and Patty Palmer's blog, Deep Space Sparkle(Ilove Patty's blog!). I love to start a project with my student's with a story. A picture is truly worth a thousand more pictures! I really think it helps student's make better color and texture choices in their artwork after viewing professional illustrator's work. Just throwing this out there into the blogosphere, so, discuss!


Mary said...

I LOVE children's books too. I'll sit on the floor of the library looking at the pictures next to the four year olds. :) Amazon has been a great resource for me. I find a book at the book store or library that I have to have and then go to the used section at Amazon. I'm basically paying for the shipping and handling. Many of my art project ideas start with children's books too.

Pat said...

Oh Mary! You should see my wish list on Amazon! I think it had 115 books on it the last time I looked! Ha!I've only ben burned once by buying a used book from Amazon-not a bad track record.