Wednesday, October 12, 2011

ARRGHHH! Black Glue!

So I was thinking I would just mix up a batch of black glue by adding a shot or two of India Ink to 30 bottles of Elmer's white-BIG MISTAKE.....I had India Ink EVERYWHERE. Note to self: Pour white glue from gallon jug into large bucket. Add half a bottle of India Ink and use paint mix attachment on my electric drill. Use funnel to fill glue bottles WHILE WEARING RUBBER GLOVES! I hope I have saved one of my fellow bloggers a big, fat headache(:) :) :)).


Barbara's Thought of the Day said...

Why do you want black glue, girl?

Pat said...


Have you not seen all kinds of wonderful art projects using black glue outlines and pastels? Check out Pinterest!


Phyl said...

I don't hear your music today. Now I'm feeling guilty that it's my fault. I didn't hate it - I just needed an "off" or "pause" button that I could find when my hubby gave me "the look".

Anyhow - black glue... Years ago I tried making it and it coagulated in the bottles into thick rubbery strands, and all had to be thrown out, bottles and all. What a waste. Wrong kind of ink I guess? Who knows... Anyhow, last year I found black ink for sale in the Nasco catalog and all excited, I ordered a bunch of it. It came out of the bottles in blobs and spurts and we could not control it (not just the kids; I could not draw a line with it myself without a big blurt somewhere). My plans of intricate stained glass designs went out the window. So we used the glue for turning out stained glass designs into abstract squiggles that looked like a mess. The black glue has sat untouched since then. Nasty stuff. Good luck!

Pat said...

Jeez Phyl, I wish I had talked to you BEFORE the glue didaster of 2011! I don't understand how people keep posting these great black glue projects! Maybe they know something we don't and they'll read this and clue us both in?


Anonymous said...

Have you tried just using black watercolor paint in the bottle of glue? I tried that a few years back and it worked. Just wet the paint to get it "puddly" and start dripping it into about a half bottle of glue with the brush. After 10 or 12 additions, put the lid on the bottle and shake. You can add more paint if necessary, but I think this should work. It's worth a try anyway and not nearly as expensive (or dangerous...)as the ink. I hope you have success with it. Cynthia S.

Theresa Gillespie said...

I've used black glue for years in wonderful projects. I used to use india ink mixed in with the elmer's glue - but about 4 years ago I found they must have changed the formula of the glue. It coagulated into a mess and wasted. Since then I experimented with different things - adding either black tempera or black acrylic paint to the glue works fantastic! Here's a recent student work -

Also Elmer's Glue-All works better than the washable Elmer's. =)

Pat said...

Thanks Theresa! I'l try it!

Karen said...

I'm glad I am not the only one who has this problem. It did work in the past, I will try the paint.