Saturday, October 22, 2011

China and Japan at Last!

With three schools, two artrooms and 855 kids, it's difficult to have projects finished in a timely manner with one art teacher-Me! I finally have my first big display of the year at school #2, focusing on the art and culture of China and Japan. The first grade projects didn't turn out too well so I am only posting 2nd-5th grade examples. The 2nd grade Dragon Masks were featured in a previous post and now you will see the 3rd grade Japanese lanterns, the 4th grade Chinese Kites and the 5th grade Koi fish banners. Enjoy!


Phyl said...

Great stuff - I especially like the masks and the lanterns. The painted designs on them (the lanterns) are really lovely. Congrats on your display!

Phyl said...

By the way - thanks for the Van Gogh video info etc. I've been out-of-town all weekend so hope to watch it when I get caught up.

Mary said...

Beautiful work by your students! I like all the projects, but the Chinese kites might be my favorite. 855 students and 3 schools?! Wow, you have my respect. :) Once again, love your playlist. I just had to hear a couple of John Mayer tunes before logging off. :)