Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sunflowers ala' Vincent!

I was strolling through the Dollar General store looking for stuff I could use in the artroom when I spied some Rubbermaid sink strainers. They were round, textured and exactly what I needed for my 1st grade Sunflower project. I bought the eight that were on the rack and set about experimenting with using them to print the center's of the sunflowers. I t worked! With some drawing and cutting of petals, stems and leaves, the 1st graders did a fine job!


Phyl said...

Very cool idea! Love the dollar store! At a workshop I attended she had circular plastic needlepoint canvas, and we used texture medium of some sort that we spread over them (spackling would work) and then had a great sunflower center texture when we removed the canvas. Same sort of idea I guess.

What cool color sunflowers you have! - are they real?

Pat said...


I hit a great sale at Michael's and found the sunflowers. Do you have Michael's craft stores in your area? I have a teacher rewards card and get 40% coupons almost weekly. They give teachers an extra 10% off on Fridays too! Happy Thanksgiving!