Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Art Room Inventions

They say that necessity is the mother of invention and I'm a true believer! I came up with this little idea about 5 years ago and I'm still using them to this day. I needed a way to display my student's PreHistoric "Bone " carvings that would show them to their best advantage. I came up with a cut-out from a styrofoam cup that would let the carving rest in it kind of like a painting on an easel (only this is soap on a cup!). I painted all of the exteriors with black acrylic paint after I had made the cuts with my trusty X-Acto knife (what self-respecting art teacher doesn't have one of those in their apron pocket, I ask you?) Here is what they look like:

I would love to see what all of my bloggie friends have invented to solve any kind of display, storage, etc. issues. Please share!


Phyl said...

What are the bones carved from?
The easels are very clever.

My display solutions:
For our cave walls (made from a sort of paper clay made with shredded paper and art paste) we insert a paper clip when it is still wet. This can hang over a nail.

For last year's ice cream cones I got hunks of leftover foam from packing or some other leftover, and dug holes into the foam. The ice cream cone points were inserted into the holes.

Joanna Davis said...

I make sponge daubers for sponge painting out of sponges clipped in clothespins! This keeps fingers (relatively) clean and the kids can stamp away! You can see them in action on my blog in this post:

your easels are very cleaver!

Joanna Davis said...

*clever. DUH!

Rina said...

Love the styrofoam cup idea. Bonus that you can stack them over the summer.
My display solution: medium binder clips. I use the to hang my plaster masks - just clip at the top and pin with a t-pin. Clip holds weight without slipping. Also food for hanging posters without damage.

Pat said...

Great ideas, folks!

Phyl: Good old Ivory soap-soft as butter and carves easily with plastic modeling tools that I use with clay projects also.