Thursday, January 19, 2012

Henri Matisse and his Pieces

So I love Henri Matisse and I'm not afraid to tell the world! Ha! I never get tired of sharing his work with my students and they never cease to amaze me with their compositions in his honor. I stress pattern, color, focal point, lines of movement and what I call, "Matisse Pieces". They can be any amorphic, organic, "fingery?" shape and we do a lot of practice cutting to get it right. I only got to take pic's of my 3rd school so I will post more next week.

 I asked the kid who made the one in the first photo if he was going to add more to his picture and he informed me that he "wanted to keep it simple". From the mouth's of babes!!!!

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Marie said...

I think there is no reason not to tell the world you love Matisse because he was really awesome and the pictures you've posted are great.