Thursday, January 19, 2012

Imaginary Self-Portraits

I don't recall which blog or Pinterest post I found the inspiration on, but I shared a beautiful abstract portrait with my students and they were pumped to try it. Basically, I asked them to imagine their face as a patchwork of shapes and colors, highlighted with a nice, crisp black outline. Whoa! They didn't disappoint me!

 This one reminds me of a character from some SciFi movie!
 I love that the kids all created totally random backgrounds for their portraits

 Most were painted with watercolor, but I had one class use oil pastels and at the beginning, I thought I would regret that decision. As they progressed though, the ones in oil pastel started turning out great and the students really got into blending
colors and then outlining in black. I will definitely do this one again!


Phyl said...

They look terrific! I love how unique each one is, and how colorful they are.

Pat said...

Thanks, Phyl. I always value your opinion. :)