Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Welcome to my MONSTER obsession!

I don't know why kids love drawing and painting monsters, but they do. It seems that they are only afraid of them at night when they are sure that the monsters are either under the bed or in the closet........Anyway, I have done two monster projects in a row with my first grade kiddos. The first was a "hand" monster where I had them curl their fingers into a snarly mouth while I traced their arm and hand onto the paper for them. I haven't taken pics of those yet, but today I had the kids make primary color monsters. I read the book, "Jeremy's Monster", to them and then demonstrated different ways to draw the top half of a monster on the edge of their paper along with arms, paws, claws or whatever.

I found some cheap, plastic candy molds for a buck apiece that have 12, 3/4" deep holes. I poured the three primary colors plus black and white into the holes. I asked the kids to only use black for outlining but they could mix white with any of the colors or use it as an accent color.

We had some forays into the land of green and violet, but most stuck to the directions and used the primaries. I love watching kids throw their whole being into their paintings. They loved it and I couldn't stop smiling and snapping photo's!


Phyl said...

They are adorable! I just got an idea after reading your post - monsters in the closet or under the bed. We could make doors that open to expose the monster in the closet, or just fit them in the space under a bed. Could be fun - note to self to try out when I have some time!

We did 'blob monsters' earlier this year after reading Jeremy's Monster. It's a cute book.

Gabriela said...

these are great, i love that they are so large and colorful. thanks for the idea!

Pat said...

Thanks, ladies! Phyl, I LOVE the idea of having the kids put their monsters behind a door or under a bed! Genius!