Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Art Teachers Aren't Supposed To Get Sick!

I am throwing in the towel. I cannot pretend that I am not sick! I have had a sore throat, runny nose and cough for almost two weeks. I cannot be sick because:

1. I have TWO art shows to mat and label before Thursday

2. I have report cards to input for 855 kids before Monday

3. I am hosting an Art Teacher Workshop on Friday for 25 ( on a VACATION DAYin my district!)

I  cannot be sick..................


Stern said...

I hear ya, Pat! I started getting the "crud" and quickly skirted off to the doctor on Monday to get on "something" before I head off to NYC on Tuesday. Now that's motivation. I don't suppose the stress of new classes this week and planning to be gone and the urge to have everything in it's place before I do might, just might, have played a role in my immune system caving in. Hope you get feeling better soon...Love you!

Art Project Girl said...

Take the time to heal Pat. Everything will be there when you get back. If an art show has to wait. . . oh well. . . you are more important.

Snippety Gibbet said...

Oh, feel better, friend.

Phyl said...

Poor baby... trying to figure out how to send virtual chicken soup (Jewish penicillin) on its way.

Meanwhile - tell us about this workshop. What's it all about? Who are the other teachers attending and what was the inspiration for this?

Take care of yourself - want to hear you are feeling better sooooon.

Pat said...

It's Friday and I am feeling much better! Didn't wake up with a sore throat today! Yea! Thanks fo all of the well wishes!