Thursday, February 9, 2012

Monochromatic Ribbon Paper Sculpture

I found an idea on either a blog or Pinterest that showed undulating strips of paper that had been painted in a monochromatic scheme. They were all facing one direction and I wanted it to look different, so I had the kids move their strips, or "ribbons" around and make it look more 3D. The 5th grade moaned and groaned about the painting part (LAZY) but got excited when I showed them my finished example. Then, you could have heard a pin drop when they really got into folding, rolling, bending etc.

I think this project is a keeper!

 I am going to display these on a bulletin board so that they are facing the viewer instead of sitting on a shelf in a display case.


Hope Hunter Knight said...

I'm about to start paper sculptures myself. the kids have so much fun building, don't they? Looks great!

Christie - Fine Lines said...

These are going to make a great bulletin board!!

Pat said...

Thanks, ladies! I really enjoyed the process as well as the finished product.


Mr. E said...

so I never your hair really that color?!?! :)