Saturday, February 18, 2012

Stuart Davis and CityNoise

I have been teaching my 4th grade students about American artist, Stuart Davis, for many years. I always start the lesson by reading aloud to the kids about Stuart's early life and progression into a fine artist. The students always gasp when I read the part about how Stuart dropped out of High School to work and learn with professional artists that his father had introduced him to. I also enjoy this particular artist not just for his amazing breadth of work but also because he was an American artist. Sometimes it seems like I only get to teach about European artists and this is always a refreshing change of pace. I get a kick out of playing Jazz music and traffic sounds on CD to get the kids in the mood to draw vibrant, noisy , colorful cities. The fact that the kids get to include words and sounds into their drawings is icing on the cake!


Phyl said...

Oh, I adore Stuart Davis, and these are a lot of fun!

I'm currently in NYC and spent the day at the Metropolitan (Museum of Art) and one of my highlights was the room with happy Stuart Davis paintings.

Problem is, I'm running out of school year and I still have so much I have planned and then I keep getting sidetracked with new ideas.......

Pat said...

I know what you mean about time running out, Phyl! After February, it's a race to May!