Saturday, February 18, 2012

Watercolor Marker Printing

For Valentine's Day, my 4th grade classes drew on styrofoam sheets with a ballpoint pen. Their designs were to include hearts, of course, but they were encouraged to add design details of their choice also. Then, the plates were colored with watercolor markers and printed on damp paper(spritzed on with a spray bottle). Students gently rubbed the back of the paper and then pulled up their print. They couldn't believe how cool they looked! Here are a few examples:


Mrs. C said...


Art Project Girl said...

These are lovely. Do you always spray paper before you print on it? Maybe that's where I'm going wrong with printmaking! Mine always stink!

Pat said...

@Erica-I found this on Pinterest so that's how I knew to spritz the paper with water first. I have never done that with any other type of printmaking.

@Mrs.C-Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!:)Pat

Phyl said...

I like this! I sometimes hate the mess of printmaking, and prints that never want to dry, but this, with markers, seems so easy and the results are dreamy sweet! Very nice - YEAH Pinterest.