Saturday, February 18, 2012

Why is it so hard to believe that my hair is pink and green?

Ted Edinger, of Art with Mr. E., is having trouble believing that the photo on my blog is really showing my true hair color. Well, that photo just happened to be snapped two years ago on Halloween. I will now attempt to post a photo of a more current haircolor, although, really Ted, is it SO impossible to think that an art teacher could have hair that is multicolored? :)

So here I am, but to be perfectly honest, Like Phyl, at There's a Dragon in my Art Room, my hair is much longer now as I am in a, "Should I cut it or should I let it grow?", dilemna. I haven't cut it in two years and I love the way my hair is coming in White, not gray. I know this is WAY TOO MUCH INFO on something so silly, but Mr. E. made me laugh with his last comment on my blog. Who knows, maybe I'll do this, before I retire!


Mr. E said...

I had blue hair the summer I met my wife, but it was my summer hair..and it went back to brown for the school year. My hair is coming in pure white now! Not ready to give into it though....maybe in my 40's I'll let it go white?? I just don't want someone to say something about my grandchildren...when they are my kids! ha ha

Snippety Gibbet said...

Oh my. I honest to goodness pictured you really looking like that all the time. Hehehehe. Oops. jan

Phyl said...

I love that hair photo, but unless I'm ready to cut my hair short, there will be no rainbow hair on me. I get mine trimmed every month or so, and my hairdresser confirmed that my hair is so white/colorless that even a temporary color could permanently get absorbed into my hair and end up sort of beige.

I don't have any photos of my hair with my magenta streak in it, but since it was done for a friend going through chemo two winters again. I posted about what I did to her bald head, (with henna) here:

My hair's down to my shoulders now; how long is yours?