Sunday, March 18, 2012

Good news, Bad News, Good News

Well, my second grade classes got to stamping on Friday and for the most part it went very well. Of all the stamps that I made, the ones I thought that were going to be my favorites didn't work at all. The crazy Op Art paper clips were overpowered by the hot glue and didn't print at all. The rest of them went pretty well and the kids had a ball (for about 10 minutes!) The printing process didn't take very long so the classes had a lot of free activity time. Here are some of the better results:

If I were to do this again, I would try it with gold paint on black construction paper or maybe black paint on the tissue paper collage instead of white. There's just something so cool about tissue paper collaging and I always like doing it with my classes. On the bad news front, here is a photo of poor "Ella's" owie on the front of my car-

She's a Hyundai Elantra, hence the name, "ELLA", and yes, I name all of my cars so laugh all you want! Ha! Tomorrow, my 5th grades are finishing up their Picasso inspired clay faces so I have to get to school early to set up a clay friendly environment (cover the tables!) and I can't wait! (The police found the woman who hit my car and fortunately she has insurance-Phew!)


Art Project Girl said...

Wow! Sorry about the hassle of your car! I love all the stamps you created!!! I wish I was in your district so we could share. . . I totally don't have enough wood or time, but I make some really mean chocolate chip cookies and tea;)

Pat said...

Thanks, Erica! I still haven't had time to call my insurance company and don't look forward to all the hassles that go with getting estimates, etc.
Just a heads up about all of those stamps-cleaning them between classes is LABOR INTENSIVE!! By the time I got to my second school and used them twice in the morning, I caved in for my afternoon class and had them use "funny brushes" I bought at Michael's Crafts. They make great looking prints and are super easy to clean. I was tired, what can I say? :)Pat

Snippety Gibbet said...

Sorry about the car damage. What a pain in the neck.

I am loving the stamped pieces.


Pat said...

Thanks, Jan!

Jen said...

Ugh, car damage! Did the lady drive off? How did the police find her??

I also name my cars. In college I had one that got hail damage (badly), so I called her dimples. Now I have a Mini Cooper, so he is just Coop. I think art teachers are allowed to be a bit eccentric and name inanimate objects. At least, that's what I claim for myself, haha.

As far as the tempera cakes (from my post), I don't know what brand they are. They were already in the trays when I inherited the art room 2 years ago. I do have to order some new ones this year because they are running low, so maybe after I get some (if they are awesome) I will be able to post about them. Sorry!