Thursday, March 15, 2012

Like a dog with a bone!

Okay, I'll admit that sometimes I get a little obsessed with preparing to teach a new lesson. First, there is the shopping phase where I cannot walk through ANY store without subconsciously looking at things I MIGHT be able to use in the artroom. Second, the mental tennis game I play in my head trying to figure out a USE for all of this STUFF I keep dragging to school. Third, the action plan where I stay late and work on creating the materials for the project, like tonight. I'm going to digress here so hold on to your hat. I wouldn't have had to stay LATE if a parent hadn't creamed my car in the parking lot after school today and then driven off! Fortunately, two other parents got the license plate and I turned it all over to a very nice, young policewoman who took the report and calmed me down! So now, back to the REAL story.

 As I was cruising around Office Depot last night, I spied some cool stuff I knew I could use for a printmaking project this week. So, after school, (and the Police report.....), I hauled out the old hot glue gun, the thread spools I've kept for about 20 years, and started creating stampers for my 2nd graders to use on top of their tissue paper collage projects they made last week.

My favorites are the Op Art wire paper clips! Cool! I snagged the ladybug erasers and the Lego erasers at Office Depot for .50 and $1.99 respectively. The fuzzy furniture pads were even self stick-Yay! Then I tried to get creative with yarn, string and Rubbermaid dish mats glued onto blocks of wood i had laying around.

So tomorrow, we will be using all of these new stampers with white tempera on top of gorgeous colors of tissue paper covered with gloss medium. I'm thinking, Spring flowers? Easter eggs? Symmetrical designs? Butterflies? Whatever we end up creating, I'm going to encourage the kids to create a border with the smaller stampers to give it a nice frame. Wish us luck! Will post pics tomorrow!


Zach Stoller said...

VERY cool!

Paintedpaper said...

Oh no. I am glad you are ok but man that really stinks about your car! I love all the stampers you have made!!!! esp the LEGOS!!! Have fun stamping! :)

Mrs. C said...

love the stamps you made! sorry about your car :(

Jen said...

Love the homemade stamps. Awesome!

Phyl said...

Fabulous! Why haven't I saved thread spools? (I save everything else.)

How badly injured is your car? Fixable? Can you drive it or not? What a terrible thing to have happen, right in a school parking lot.

Christie - Fine Lines said...

Unbelievable that a parent would drive off!!!!!! I'd like to be a fly on the wall when the police catch up with her/him!!

I LOVE your stamps. I have a box of those great wire paper clips (knowing I would find a great use for them one day). I never thought about stamps -- you are a genius -- they are perfect!! Needless to say, you have definitely motivated me. I have a kindergarten rotation coming up in May and am busy thinking about easy, one session lessons for them and that would be ideal!! Thanks SO MUCH!

PLASTIQUEM - Espe said...

I am a huge passion for recycling and these buffers are magnificent. Sure that my students will be delighted with this proposal. Sorry for not knowing English, I use a translator. See you soon.