Thursday, April 26, 2012

Help! Paintingwithbrains is lost at sea!!!!!!!!

If you haven't read the blog called, Paintingwithbrains, you are really missing some fun. Unfortunately, the blog owner, who I call Indy's Girlfriend/Fiancee', is refusing all attempts to join/read. I'm putting this out into the blogosphere hoping that someone will let her know we miss her and her scintillating, humorous posts. Indy's Girl, come on back!!!


Painting With Brains said...

Pat- I'm still here!! I was playing around with the settings on my blog and tried to make it "blog authors only" in terms of viewing, but I didn't mean to block everyone! Is that what's happening!?

Pat said...

OMG!!! Phyl and I put out an APB when we couldn't get into your blog!! I'm so happy you weren't run over by a school bus or had a piano dropped on your head! I look forward to your posts and a day without Indy's Girlfriend/Fiancee' is like a day without sunshine. Fix whatever you did so we can all see you again, okay? Phew!


Phyl said...

Thanks, Pat for taking the bull by the horns! :)