Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Painted Ladies of the Victorian Era

I have posted about these beauties in the past and just wanted to share some in progress works that my 3rd grades are working on.

These are some photo's I took last year in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The entire neighborhood was full of exquisitely restored Victorians. Below you will see some of those black, fuzzy posters you can buy and color with markers. I used these as inspiration for the kids when they were drawing.

Next are some of my examples I shared with the kids.

The kids learned how to draw 3 different kinds of shingles because all roofs and walls had to be filled with decorative shingles, hence the name, Gingerbread Victorian Houses.

Finally! You would think that working on 6x9 paper these would have been finished LONG AGO, but no, they weren't completed until yesterday.


Phyl said...

Oh, Pat, these are incredible. I rarely share stuff I see on blogs w/my husband (he's not interested) but tomorrow when it isn't bedtime I'm showing these to him. He's an architect and painted ladies are his favorites, and I know he'll think this artwork is terrific!

A few years ago we vacationed on Martha's Vineyard, in a town called Oak Bluff, which has a whole area that consists of the most fabulous colorful authentic Victorian gingerbread cottages imaginable. It is amazing. Look it up, and try to get there sometime! It is a really unique place, all pinks and yellows and peppermint green and more.

Jen said...

ummm, wow. these are terrific!

Mary said...

These are terrific Pat! Very impressive for 3rd grade. They remind me of some of the beautiful Victorian homes in Savannah. Your students put a lot of attention to detail in making these. It's obvious they really enjoyed this lesson!

Pat said...

Thanks, ladies! Appreciate the kind words from all!


lampros lampinos said...

happy to follow

Anonymous said...

It's the end of the year but I can't wait to do this architecture lesson next year!!! : )