Thursday, May 10, 2012

Picasso in Clay, Redux

Okay, I've posted about the air dry clay Picasso split face projects from school #2, and now, Tah Dah! My first kiln firing in 10 years (see previous post why)from school #1, turned out GREAT (in my humble opinion:))

These were created by my lovely 5th graders and they had to use the only glazes I had in my cupboard. Some of the glazes were so dried up I had to add water and use the paint attachment on my electric drill to "reconstitute" them. I just ordered and received some beautiful, Mayco Stroke and Coat glazes for next fall and I am so excited to have some new, vivid colors. I had warned the kids that if they didn't get at least two coats of glaze on, they would turn out dull instead of shiny. You can see the one's who didn't listen! I'm just so darn happy to have my kiln back!!

One more thing: I am one follower away from 100! Today, May 10th is my birthday, and for my present, I need one more bloggy friend to tip me over to 100. Any takers?


Mary said...

Happy birthday Pat! These came out great! The minimal color schemes give them such a graphic impact. Hope you get that 100th follower today!

Jen Carlisle said...

What are your stands... they look like plastic cups? Happy Birthday. I am following you on my reader, just can't sign up because my google account is run by my school. If you don't get an official 100... know you have 100 followers. :)

Pat said...


Thanks for the good wishes! Check out my post entitled, art room inventions for the cup holders-

Thanks so much for the positive comments! You are such an inspiration to me!


Painting With Brains said...

Happy Birthday! Congrats on your 100 followers- it'll happen today, I know it!

I love the cup holders, but more than that, I love your poster/write up for Picasso- did you make that? It's so professional yet still kid-friendly. The artwork turned out great!!

Pat said...

The small, black framed purpose statement is mine and the larger one with Picaso's portrait came out of a book I bought over 20 years ago! I can't remember the name of the book but it had bio's and line drawing portraits for at least 15 different artists.


Amaco said...

Such a cute project! Thanks for sharing.