Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Primary Pachyderms

I have been trying to implant the Primary and Secondary colors into my 1st graders all year. I am not a big proponent of ROY G BV, so I teach the colors like a simple math equation and it seems to work. Y + B = G etc. I found an adorable picture on Pinterest of elephants posing in different directions and thought we could use the two color families to paint this project. This was our first foray into tempera because frankly, watercolor is just so darn easy when you have back to back classes all day LONG.... I also thought the tempera would be so much more vivid and boy, was I right!

  • I think they turned out pretty well for a first attempt with tempera. The pictures of the cupcakes below, are some beauties one of my favorite teachers made for May day.

She said that it took her 4 hours to do the marshmallow decorations on the top. They were scrumpdelicious!


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Phyl said...

Somehow I missed this post until tonight. Huh. Anyhow I'm not a big ROY G BIV gal either. What the heck is indigo, really? It's just dark blue-violet,right? My main color mixing process is this: put out tempera in red, magenta, yellow, blue, turquoise, and white, with pop sticks in each color. Give the kids a mixing tray (we use donated TV dinner plates) and let them use the pop stick to scoop some color into their dish, and their brush to mix. Let THEM discover what happens, that the magenta makes a different violet than the red, and so on. It's all in the doing, I think. GO TEMPERA!!!

I don't use much watercolor because I am in LOVE with the creamy rich colors of tempera. I teach the kids to wash their brushes starting in kindergarten, and they are pros before you know it. I give them either newspaper or special sponges to wipe their brushes off, and we review the mantra: wipe, wash, wipe. It works!! The water stays cleaner longer, and so do the paints.