Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thank you, Chesterbrook Academy!

Ms. Linardtou, at Chesterbrook Academy Elementary, has awarded me a Blog Original! Now, there are three things I must do;

1) Pass the award to 10 blogging friends
2)Write a sentence that defines art teaching
3)Link back to the person who gave me the award

Teaching art to young minds is like watering an amazing garden and watching it flourish!

1.Art with Mr.E
2.There's a Dragon in my Artroom
3.Art project Girl
4. Painting with brains
5.Mary Making
6.Shine Brite Zamorano
7. Draw the Line At
8.Rainbow Skies and Dragonflies
9.Deep Space Sparkle
10. Painted Paper

It is so hard to only pass this on to 10 friends! I have been reading a couple of new blogs by a couple of young fellas and for the life of me I cannot find the names of the blogs! Oh well, next time!

Thanks again to Chesterbrook Academy Elementary for the award and I LOVE her blog!!!


Mrs. C said...

Congratulations Pat! I love reading your blog! I'm humbled that you have listed me with such awesome blogs! I'm glad that you enjoy visiting my blog! I really enjoy sharing what my students are up to in my art room and following what all my fellow art ed bloggers are doing. If someone had told me in the beginning of the school year that I ( the most illiterate person when it comes to technology) would have an art ed blog on the web by the end of the school year I would have laughed at them! All of you inspired me to reach out and give it a try! Happy Blogging! :)

Pat said...

Thanks, Mrs. C! Your blog is fun and interesting and you are an ORIGINAL! I am not very "techie" either, but we're never too old to learn, right? I look forward to reading your posts. I'm sure I will slow down this summer with the blogging but will have lots to share in the fall!


Art Project Girl said...

Congrats Pat! I LOVE your blog! There are so many blogs I read now it's going to be hard to pick 10! It helps when people post often so I can remember them by looking at my blog roll. It gets confusing! Or I guess I could go into pinterest. Hope you don't mind if I respond after our big art week next week. We are premiering a film the kids made which takes a lot of time out of my schedule.