Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mixed Media Butterfly Mosaics

I found the inspiration for this on a blog and am so sorry I can't remember which one! I changed it up a bit though. The students glued squares, rectangles and triangles cut from cardboard food boxes (reuse, reduce, and recycle!)onto a piece of  6x9, heavyweight white drawing paper. They used 3 pieces of the same sized paper to create crayon rubbings. Then they painted over them using Complimentary colors of watercolor.
Next, students cut up their dry painted paper into MORE geo-shapes. Symmetry was reviewed, and butterflies were created with the fold , draw, trace on the backside transfer method on 9x12 white sulphite (80lb. cuz that's my only choice, by choice:) The mosaic pieces were glued onto the full butterfly and when dry, all of the blank spaces were filled in with gold acrylic paint. Finally, they were mounted on black paper and VOILA'!

The final projects were not all perfectly symmetrical in terms of how the pieces were glued down, but I still like the results a lot.

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Mrs. C said...

These came out beautiful! I love them! :)