Friday, June 15, 2012

Pinterest Problems!!

Is anyone besides me having difficulty with Pinterest the last few days? I can get people's pages to come up, but without any pictures attached to their boards. Weird, huh? Holler back at me if you are experiencing the same problem. Thanks!


Mr. E said...

Not that exactly...but have had issues with pinterest! So you aren't crazy...much?!? :) hee hee

Oh..and yes..enjoying summer & my kiddos!!! My summer gig is goin' well...hard to get started, but got in the groove now I think.

Mrs. C said...

I was having trouble getting pages to load a few days ago at school. At one point Pinterest was showing that I no pins or boards! I freaked out! I restarted my computer because I thought it was wigging out on me! When the page reloaded everything was there. Just thought it was my poor, slow computer at school! I guess not! It's been fine here at home. :)

Phyl said...

I've been having a little trouble loading pages too, but not the same problem as you. Meanwhile, iPad users, does anyone recommend a Pinterest app that they like?