Sunday, August 19, 2012

Befores and Afters-School #1 and #2

I have been enjoying all of the artroom photos everyone has been posting. Here are a few of two of my larger buildings.

I found out last Friday that the little country school that I will have 4 classes in, has a BRAND SPANKING NEW ARTROOM!!!! Will post photo's tomorrow. I'm in hog heaven!


Anonymous said...

Hi Pat, at last - a fellow itinerant art teacher... but you have rooms! I'm at 5 different schools (after school, I each day of the week) and no rooms (I set up fold-up tables in undercover areas etc), so I carry everything with me everywhere. It's a challenge, and I love it, but I would LOVE to have a room! I'll be following you with interest - I'd love you to visit me at Dream Painters.

Becca Ruth said...

Oh my Pat! So you will travel to 3 schools? How does that schedule work?
My mouth is watering over your cutting board. I don't have one anymore. My room is next door to the workroom and I assumed that there was one in there... Well, there is but, it is tiny... I miss my big cutting board. Looks like a fundraiser is in my future.

Mrs. C said...

Things look great! Your paper cutter is so clean looking! Mine have some paint smudges and a giant sign taped to it saying " DO NOT TOUCH! MRS.C ONLY!!!"
Just a little reminder to my kids not to touch! When I was on a cart for 2 years it was in the faculty room. Teachers used it all the time( they know they are welcome anytime)when they moved it back to my room there were some who never realized it was mine and freaked out when it was gone! Sorry people... :)

Pat said...

Hey Fellow Art Teachers,

Dreampainters:I am following you now! Yea!

Becca Ruth: I see over 800 kids at three schools! Wow! One small school with 4 classes, One school with 17 classes and one school with 13 classes. Phew! That cutting board is 30" and brand spanking new! Woo Hoo!

Hey Mrs.C! I'm gonna try to keep it clean until I retire and pass it on to the next art teacher! Ha!


ArtMuse said...

Wow, 1 room to setup is a lot of work, but 3 rooms...Oy! Oh, and btw I love your Elmer!

Jen said...

Just wanted you to know I dedicated part of my post to you today. Thanks for being who you are Pat!