Friday, August 31, 2012

Do YOU do a Didgeridoo? I do!

(not me in photo)
I had promised my students at school # 2 that I would bring my Didgeridoo to show them as we are into our Australian Aboriginal Art study unit. First I read them the story, Do YOU do a Didgeridoo? and then I unveiled mine from the cool, woven bag it was shipped in. Slowly, tantalizingly, I revealed the beautiful instrument and placed my mouth over the opening and began to blow really hard......A student raised his hand and said, " Ms. Stevens, are you okay? Your face is purple." I almost passed out from the effort but I had to laugh because, wait for it, He likes me! He really, really likes me! Or maybe I just scared him, who knows?


Painting With Brains said...

Haha!! Indy and I bought a didgeridoo in Australia- it's beautiful, dark wood, with a kangaroo and a fish carved on it. He plays it all the time, but it's so difficult! Instead of real didgeridoo sounds, it just sounds like short, deep farts. We need to practice!

Phyl said...

Haha Pat, you crack me up. Were you really worried wed think that was you?

The didgeridoo in our house isn't so elegant. It was built by my son in a college physics of music class so it is functional but not aesthetically pleasing.

Pat said...

I am practicing, ladies, and I THINK i am getting better.....Time will tell, but it sure makes my kiddos laugh!