Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Party is over!

Even though I've already put in three days before contract days start, tomorrow is the real deal. Our district gives us 1 1/2 days to ready our rooms and plan. Obviously, most conscientous teachers give up part of their vacation time to prep their rooms and we know the district counts on that. Shame on them! Teachers put in untold hours of unpaid time because we care so much about our students and our sanity! Can you imagine only using 1 1/2 days to ready your room? Puh-leese! So today, my last free day, I slept late, watched Brideshead Revisited for the 3rd time and now I am cutting out letters for bulletin boards for two schools. I found a cool board design on Pinterest that says, What is Art? Each student writes their opinion on a colorful post-it and then put them up on the board. Way to incorporate a writing activity into art, eh?

Isn't this the perfect end of summer painting? Gotta love Charles Burchfield. I have tried to put together a lesson plan about his work for far too long. This is the year! With three schools, again, this year, I am going to try to juggle three different comprehensive units on art from different cultures. I haven't used my Ancient Egypt unit for a couple of years so that will be one. I also am looking forward to revisiting my Australian Aboriginal unit and my Pacific Northwest Coast unit. If I teach a different unit at each school, then I won't be hauling materials back and forth on my two wheeler and save myself a big backache! I look forward to sharing my student's artwork with all of my bloggy friends and to seeing all of the great posts from all of you. Let's have a great school year!


Phyl said...

Hi Pat, I've missed you this summer! I LOVE the Burchfield you posted - actually I love pretty much everything of his but I never taught him because I didn't have any images other than a really nice book. Since this past year was my first with a document camera or any sort of ability to project from the internet, I always relied on my print collection. Now that things have changed, I'm not there any more!

In my school's contract, teachers are required to spend 5 hours in their classroom prior to the start of school. Then we traditionally have one day before the kids come, where we have meetings, sometimes a staff development program, and some time (but nowhere near enough) to work in your classroom. Some of the high school teachers (since we are a K-12 building) do their 5 hours and that's it, while the elementary school and art rooms are buzzing with activity for weeks before the opening of school.

I would have already spent time in my room, with school opening after Labor Day, but never again........

Welcome back to school, and don't forget to take a peek at my recent post with my giant kitty sand sculpture! (from one cat lady to another).

Question: are your 3 schools different grade levels or all the same? Will you be making more work for yourself for assessment by doing something different in each school? Any problem with kids who switch schools during the year? And - last question I promise - will you rotate the lessons so that each school will eventually get all three culture units?

Painting With Brains said...

I can't believe you're starting already! That means I don't have much time left! I hope you enjoyed your summer and that you have yet another great year. I can't wait to see the amazing things you do!

Mrs. C said...

Hi Pat! Glad to see your back! Hope you had a great summer! In our district we are not required to come in before our first day. I go back the day after Labor day. We have two days of in-service and meetings. I and everyone else I work with are in and out all summer working on our rooms after they have been cleaned. I have to get up to one of my school's this week to unpack supplies and decorate the room and front hallway bulletin board. Last week I got unpacked and decorated at my other school. Just have seating charts to work on for there. Have a great year! :)

Mary said...

Three schools with three different units?! You're a rock star Pat! :)
Looking forward to your posts. have a great school year!

Pat said...

Hey Everybody!
Yeah, I'm taking on a lot with three different units of study, but at least I won't be dragging resources between schools, right? Phyl, I will probably use rubrics for assessment as well as chatting with the kids while they're working and taking notes. I don't know if I'll rotate the units or not, yet. Depends on materials on hand and facilities. I am fired up and ready for kids on Wednesday!