Sunday, September 9, 2012

Australian Aboriginal Designs Gr. 1-5

We used  a limited color palette
when creating the background for our X-ray animals
The colors for the background are Tan, Brown, Black and Gray
These students are 4th graders and are working on X-ray critter

Part 1 for thr 2nd grade X-ray animal
Third grade Boomerang Designs

Blogger won't let me rotate this but
it is the finished project
Step 2 is to paint with a white tempera
and glue mixture and then scrape designs on
thesurface with paint scrapers

My boomerang example

Outline drawings for 1st grade
Drawings were then outlined and filled in with colorful marker dots
This is a stingray
Then we will cut them out and glue them
onto their painted tubes                          
This is a turtle                          


This is the Didgeridoo I bought


A standing view

Styrofoam printing plates carved with inkpen
 A Mimi figure found on rock walls in

Tiwi Island Fabric design by the 5th grade starts aith a watercolor
background of multicolor wet on wet painting

These examples are ones that I saved from the firsr year I created this unit. When my students have completed their projects, I will post lots of photos. Blogger really gave me a hard time with the placement of these photos so I apologize if it seems disjointed!



Elizabeth - Dream Painters said...

I do like your scraped glue/white paint idea - very effective! I've also done Australian art this week, but with a different approach :) I especially like your mimi figures and tiwi island printmaking - really getting off the beaten track!

Pat said...

This is my favorite project from the whole unit, Elizabeth!


coralvssalmon said...

Can not wait to see the Tiwi student work. I love the print over watercolor effect. Very striking.

Miss said...

Agree with the above comment by coralvssalmon- cannot WAIT for the details on the "Tiwi Island Fabric Design". I've never seen anything like it before and it looks spectacular!

dmasse said...

WOW! These are really cool. I love the idea of printing over top of the watercolor. Very striking:)

Pat said...

We will be printing the Tiwi Island "fabric" this week and I promise to take photos for a post!