Monday, September 24, 2012

Ravens, Killer Whales, Bears, Oh MY!

It's funny that my little country school has missed the most Mondays (art day) and yet they are finishing up their Northwest Coast projects first. I have 3 combo classes there (k/1, 1/2, 4/5 and a 3rd grade). My K/1 group made masks (not the kind you would wear) while my 1/2 group made faux totem poles.
K/1 masks
These are "Faux" Totem Poles

My 3rd graders made animal totem bowls and my 4/5 students are working on Bentwood Box reproductions. I was given a gross of bakery boxes years ago and finally found a good use for them!


These will be very colorful with a faux wood finish

I  had a couple of other projects that we didn't get to make because of the combo classes but I might do this unit at one of my other two schools next trimester. Here are a few more photos.
I don't know why I like these tribal images so much, but I'm sure it has something to do with the amazing color schemes.

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Elizabeth - Dream Painters said...

Interesting stuff happening, I'm particularly intrigued with the bentwood boxes - can't wait to see the finished pieces! Your pottery pieces are pretty cool too - is that a big red tongue? :)