Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tiwi Island "Fabric" Printing

This project is my personal fave from the Australian Aboriginal Art unit. First, the 5th grade students did a little research with booklets I made showing X-Ray animal designs and Tiwi Island fabric designs.

Blogger is up to no good and is rotating my photo's the wrong way, as ususal!
These are two of the booklets I put together from images online for the students to use
The background paintings were actually done on the first day, I encouraged the kids to use only light, bright colors as the printing ink would be black

They could print horizontally across the long side or vertically along the short side, a total of 16 prints altogether
Students had to be reminded to position their styrofoam
plate in the correct direction
 And now, the finished "Fabric"-


Mr. E said...

These are really beautiful! Makes me wanna print. We're going to have a printing workshop in the spring I'm lookin' forward to!

Chesterbrook Academy Elementary said...

A great project.
I love how the colors are coming through.

Elizabeth - Dream Painters said...

I love what you are doing with iconic Australian art forms! To me this is the special appeal of the art teacher blogging community - the opportunity to see different peoples take on similar subject matter. I will certainly be incorporating some of your ideas when I next revisit Aboriginal Art with my (Australian)students! Love your blog!!:)

Painting With Brains said...

These really are quite lovely! Beautiful work!

I don't know why you can't see the post! I've been looking for some sort of blogger help site but am coming up with nothing. The two posts you couldn't see I also couldn't see on my phone. I'm going to keep looking though- there's got to be a reason they won't work!

Mrs. C said...

Oh Pat! These are beautiful! I am a nut for printmaking and fabric/paper surface design and LOVE these! The students did a great job printing them! :)

Mary said...

Fabulous Pat! I have some muslin that I was going to use for gel glue batik, but I may just "borrow" your idea. :)

Rina said...

Hi Pat
These are wonderful. I love the idea of using a packet for the plate design. Thanks for posting photos of your printing stations as well.

Phyl said...

Love the approach; love the results! Fabulous!

Jen said...

love it, pinned it.

Pat said...

Thanks, everyone! I'm pretty happy with the results. And Elizabeth, a compliment coming from an actual Aussie is the best!


sallgood said...

These are just great!! I love the printing with the color background.

Mrs. Impey said...

Love these! What did you have your kids make their stamps out of?