Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Today I did the Happy Dance!

We are TOTALLY into Ancient Egypt at my school #1! Wowza! Today we made MUMMIES!!! Talk about a crowd pleaser! Who knew that asking kids to dip newspaper strips into something resembling the contents of an unhappy stomach could get them so excited?

Those Model Magic buckets have sure served many purposes over the

The kids kept asking what the "goopy"stuff
was. How many ways can you explain wheat paste?
Needless to say, a good time was had by all. I think by classtime next week, the mummies will be ready to base coat with student's choice of gold or silver tempera. After that dries, they will detail the life of their mummy by drawing Egyptian hieroglyphs and symbols on the surface with sharpie and painting with jewel tone colors of tempera again.

Looks like we're gonna have some tiny

Blogger won't let me rotate this photo! Arrggh!


Phyl said...

Never ever ever fails! (papier-mâché, that is)!

This is why we need to advocate for and protect our art programs - there are so few opportunities for kids in school nowadays to have tactile experience. With all the technology in the schools, kids barely even hold a pencil to write any more; they type instead. Kids need tactile sensory experiences!!! Hurray for teachers who understand the need to keep these opportunities in their programs, and take the additional prep and cleanup time to insure these experiences exist.

Jen said...

Oh man! I always shows my kids this video when we work with Paper Mache.

Completely silly. But we talk about the right and wrong way to do this.

You are a pro Pat! Love it!

Elizabeth - Dream Painters said...

I know I will be borrowing this one!!! I can see their faces now :)
PS I've moved to Blogger - MUCH better!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Pat! What did you use as the armature for the mummies?

Pat said...

Ms. Coralv.Salmon,

I have the kids wad up tight balls of newspaper and wrap with masking tape. Small for head, larger for body, triangular for feet. They tape them together vertically and horizontally(kinda like wrapping a Mummy!LOL)