Tuesday, September 18, 2012

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

So I'm taking a MultiMedia class for recertification credit and I learned something really cool tonight. Let me preface this by saying that I am not the most technologically gifted art teacher in the world! I learned how to create QR Codes and create a presentation using those codes in under two hours! My project, which I created with my friend and fellow art teacher, Mikey, was a map of our metro area that allows viewers to click on the QR codes on a city map to find public art installations. We even put a video into a code that talks about the beginning of the Master Plan for public art in our town so parents can know where to take their kids to see the art.
This may seem like yesterday's news to you young'uns out there in blogville, but to an old saw like me, this was pretty exciting stuff! I may even have to join the real world and buy a smartphone just so I can read these cute little critters. The next thing we are going to do is have the kids write about their artwork and then do podcasts with QR codes. WooHoo! We're having fun now!


Phyl said...

OK, Pat, now you are making me feel left in the dust. I do not have a smart phone and have no plan (or finance) to get one. But while i'm really impressed you learned to do this, I still don't understand the purpose in the art room. Here's my problem:
Kids are using technology more and more these days - smart phones, tablets, game systems,etc. I feel like the art room is one of the FEW places in school where kids still are hands-on - squeezing clay, loading up soupy brushes, spilling, dripping, and more. I'm prrotective over the time they spend engaged in tactile experiences.

Ronda said...

I have started using QR codes this year for my photography students. We do the "normal" classroom presentation and discussion at the beginning of a new assignment, then I attach the basics of the assignment to a QR code. Now they don't write down that information (and potentially lose it), they have it in their pocket on their phone. If a student doesn't have a smart phone (usually one in each partnership does) they have used their phone to take a photo of the screen with the information.

Phyl...We are a 1:1 laptop school. Check out my Prezi on how I use computers in the art room ( Yes, I value the tactile experiences that students have in my room, and it is still at least 90% that way. However, I have used technology to update some projects and teach my students Photoshop skills, etc.

Pat...My next technology leap is to have students record their artist statements and link to a QR code that we put on their artwork. Great minds think alike? :)

Mr. E said...

Pat, I think this is amazing! My school is working on the QR thing for book reports..and possibly my art show. I'm just along for the ride, because I don't have any training in it.

Pat said...

Ronda-You will always be ten steps ahead of me and I am sp proud of you for that!

Ted- This is sooo cool! It was incredibly easy (with my fellow art teacher, Mikey's help!) We did a map of our metro area and put QR codes on the map where you can find Public Art installations! Yowza! We're going to put it up at our 1st art show next month so parents can find places to take their kids to see great art.


Rina said...

Aren't QR codes fun? 12 months ago, I knew nothing about them. Then our school went 1:1 for a 4th grade pilot, and I ended up doing a QR code famous artist scavenger hunt for the art show. Two 10 year olds actually generated all the QR codes and wrote up the descriptions of the artists.
Of course, the kids had to show their parents how to read the QR codes...
Powerful tool, brave new world.