Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cardboard etc.,Foil relief sculpture

WOWza! I love Pinterest for a lot of reasons, but my 4th graders love my latest "find"/pin. Cardboard/Foil relief sculpture.

We used cardboard, twine, yarn, buttons,pipe cleaners and fishnet!


We also made shapes using only glue and made sure to put it on thick!



Mr. E said...

I did something like this, but not with foil...I had them "wrap" it with a large sheet of tissue paper.

Heather Hyslop said...

Did you use regular aluminium foil or something thicker? Did you get any rips?

Mrs. C said...

I think i just pinned something like this not too long ago! How did they work out? Was it hard to work with the foil? any ripping/tearing? In the pin I found they used heavy duty foil. What kind did you use? These came out great! :)

Chesterbrook Academy Elementary said...

I love how the colors came through the foil so bold and colorful.

Great results.

Anonymous said...

Hi may i ask what sort of markers/paint do you use to color the foil? Thank you