Monday, October 8, 2012

Holiday vs. Seasonal, Part Deux

I have to apologize to all of my friends out there in the Blogosphere for using the wrong word in my last post. I meant to use Seasonal but wrote Holiday instead. I received a lot of thoughtful comments that coincide with my thoughts on the subject, so thanks everyone!

Okay, now on to my trials and tribulations of late. My school issued computer (less than a year old) is in the repair shop again for the 3rd time. I wish I knew what I was doing wrong so that I would stop doing it! Anyway, one of my 3 Principals, new to me this year, graciously offered me the use of her "old" laptop until mine is fixed. Wasn't that incredibly kind? I really like her a lot and not just because  she's generous.

This past weekend I attended my state Art Teacher's conference, which fortunately was in the town that I teach in. I got to meet someone I really admire, Jessica Balsley, from the Art of Education

Jessica was delightful and presented a great workshop on assessment

I told her I couldn't believe how TINY she is! She had boots with heels on so she looks tall (I'm 5'9"), but she's really little! Anyway, a good time was had by all and I picked up some lovely freebies from some generous vendors. Not to sound like I'm living under a four leaf clover or anything, but just this past 7-8 weeks, I have won TWO blog give-aways! Yippee! Will show my gifts on a future post. Have a great week!


Jen said...

Lucky!! I want to meet her and YOU. We should have a bloggers conference. And meet on a beach.

Mr. E said...

A blogger conference would be AWESOME! If not...come to NAEA in Fort Worth. :)

Pat said...

I'm working on it Ted!!



Is Fort Worth a possibility for you?


Phyl said...

Jealous. I want to meet my sister!! our hair is even about the same length now (though mine is much whiter). But i'm no longer even 5' tall, so you think Jessica is little? you should meet me!

Unfortunately, there's no way i can no way justify the expense of Texas, with being retired and not 'needing ' the prof development, and especially after my Vegas extravaganza. I am presenting at my state conference in November and will have to pay for my room there, though my meals will be covered because I'm a regional rep to the state board of trustees. Still, the room is going to run me some moolah.

I love the idea of a blogger conference! And at the beach? That sounds good too. Wish there was a way to pull it off. Want to meet both you and Ted.

Sunnylee Mowery said...

Cute and a half! I am totally digging your long locks, Pat! Glad you had such a super time at your conference. How lucky you are to have the chance to pow wow with your fellow bloggers. Thanks also for tuning me into Jessica's beautiful blog. So cool!

Painting With Brains said...

Two giveaways! Lucky, lucky!

Help me out a minute! You mentioned once or twice you couldn't see some posts I wrote- I realized those same posts I couldn't see on my phone with the mobile app. After days of trying to figure this out, I *think* I got it- some crazy HTML garbage. If you have a minute, check back on those posts you couldn't see and let me know if they work now, pretty please? They work on my phone so I'm assuming they'll work for you....but you know what happens when we assume. =0)

Jen said...

Oh I would love Fort Worth. Not sure if it is a possibility right now. I will be doing my Masters practicum, setting up for Fine Arts Night, and celebrating my birthday all around the same time. But still, it is always a possibility.

Nancie Kay said...

Nice to know I'm not the only one who's hard on her hard drive! I had 3 crash in the first 18 mos. I had mine. Must be all those visuals we pack on these little machines!
Sign me up if we have a bloggers forum at nationals!

Pat said...

Just wanted to let y'all know that efor the last two days, everytime I try to leave comments on blogs, everything I write disappears when I hit post! ARRGGHHHH! Anyone else having this problem?