Tuesday, October 23, 2012

More Egyptian Projects

These are the last of the Egyptian projects from school #1. This sequence show how the 1st graders made their Pharoah necklace.

We recycled this piece to add more jewels
Just slide that extra piece into the blank space and glue!

Wa-La! We added glitter glue after this stage and I gotta say, they looked pretty sparkly!


Next, the 4th grade Tombs are shown from two views, looking inside from the right and the left.

I give up! Blogger will not let me align these pictures! Arrgghh!


Phyl said...

I know. We need to all lobby Blogger about their latest incarnation. I'm VERY picky about layout and have to toss it all to the wind these days.

But anyhow - these Egyptian tombs are spectacular - kudos! And the necklaces are adorable - did the kids all wear them? I bet they did!

Mrs. Impey said...

I LOVE these two projects! Ancient Egypt is one of my favorites! Love the necklace idea...I've seen it before where people cut out the middle of the plate and leave it at that, but I really like how you layered it! Makes it more Egyptian! The Egyptian tombs are really great too! I smell a way to use the shoe boxes I've been collecting this year??!!

Elizabeth - Dream Painters said...

The torcs are marvelous and I love your egyptian dioramas. Beautiful!