Monday, October 15, 2012

Oil Pastel Miro' Interpretations

Unhappy Miro' Creature
I have used so many methods and media to teach Miro' over the years. This time, I kind of let it happen organically after a couple of brief YouTube clips about the artist. I was drawing Miro'esque people on the ELMO and the kids were watching and then beginning to start their own. I required BIG drawings surrounded by lots of the artists' symbols and imaginary beings. We outlined with black Sharpie and filled in with oil pastels, no color restrictions save for gray. Gray makes me sad.......The next week I brought out my spritzer bottles of liquid watercolor and we added some pizazz. Those results will be posted next week. I'm glad that I let the kids be free and easy with these interpretations as it was a very fun and low stress project with cool results.
Love the "Do"!

Mini Me-Tee Hee!



Elizabeth - Dream Painters said...

Looking forward to the finished pictures. I've never spray painted watercolor, so I'll be watching with great interest. Always interested in a new angle :)

Chesterbrook Academy Elementary said...

What a fantastic project interpreting the work of Joan Miro.
The soul of a child in action.