Friday, October 12, 2012

Two Day Week..........

This guy found his way into my "innards" and I missed 3 days of school this week.......Thank the Good Lord for paid sick days,right? I was supposed to get an old filling replaced after school on Tuesday and had to cancel while I was barfing violently.....Ugh! So after shaking and aching, I am ready to face my littles tomorrow. TGIF! Yay! The image above I believe is from an artist named,Meme, that I learned about from my friend, DMasse of Shine Bright Zamorano blog. That dude finds the COOLEST contemporary artist's to share with his students(and the blogosphere)and I always bookmark a few images to remember them by.

Just a side note about Blogger problems I've been having lately. I write these wonderful, lengthy comments on your blogs, that when I hit, Publish, they disappear! So don't think I'm not reading you all because I am! Da$#^*it! I'll keep trying!



Phyl said...

Pat, I've had a few of those disappearing comments as well. Just keep trying!

Great image - sorry you were sick - you've had a tough school year thus far between injury & illness! Lets hope the worst is over for a while!

Meanwhile- as I've said before - wish I could be your sub. I've signed up for our regional sub service (just planning to sub elementary art) and was wondering why they never contacted me to finalize my application (last step is fingerprinting). So yesterday I investigated, and it turns out the problem is with my former principal. After 4 attempts by sub service to contact her (for a reference) over the past 2 months, she didn't bother to reply at all. They require her recommendation, which can be completed with a 2 minute phone call. Needless to say, I am livid.

Anyhow, I guess you are probably too far for me to be your sub anyhow! Hope you are feeling better!

sallgood said...

Hope you're feeling better! I read you post about holiday/seasonal art...My diverse classes makes me shy away from traditional Santa/ Bunny type projects. (But one of my FAVORITE projects back in the day when I was a third grader was learning how to draw a step-by-step Santa face in third grade. I felt so successful! Maybe I could do the same guided drawing with my students and call it a garden gnome...) :D

Mrs. C said...

Sorry to hear you have been under the weather again! Love the little green dude though! He's really cool! Feel better and stay away from those germs!!! :)

dmasse said...

Pat, I hope you are feeling better! Thanks for the shout out:) I had a two day workweek myself last week- 2 sick days and then i presented at the san diego art education association conference on friday. hee hee:)