Monday, December 10, 2012

Foil Relief with Oil Pastel

I tried foil relief three different ways with my students at my three schools. One group used glue, buttons, string, cardboard stacked pieces etc. The students used permanent marker to color their projects. School number two created their reliefs using only glue, but colored two different ways. One group used brown shoe polish and black acrylic paint and the other group used oil pastels. Here are a few examples of the oil pastel batch.

I kinda like them because they are textural in color as well as the foil relief. I'll try to post some of the shoe polish versions this week.


Laura Kim said...

I am fascinated by these! I always enjoy mixing it up with my classes too because I get bored doing the same thing over and over again. I will be doing a relief with my 5th graders soon and I think I will be giving them the option of color based on your excellent results!

Phyl said...

Very cool, Pat. I don't think I've ever tried oil pastels on foil. I'm looking forward to seeing the shoe polish version. I think they should be interesting.

No offense to the rest of bloggy-world, but it's a pleasure to see a project that isn't an owl, a snowman, or some other seasonal picture. I know the winter stuff is great fun but without snow on the ground yet I know there's plenty of winter ahead of us. Of course, this is written by someone who just posted a huge tutorial on making paper snowflakes, so what in the world am I trying to say?

Basically, I love these interesting abstract designs and the texture of the color. Good to see you posting - hope things are starting to fall into some sort of pattern again after life getting in the way!

Rina said...

Hi Pat

Love these! I have done two foil finishes in the past - both types of permanent marker - but have never seen the oil pastel finish. Love the matte color. I will test it out on smoother cardboard as well.


Jen said...

You're back! Missed you, even though it had only been like 3 weeks.

These are really cool!

Pat said...

Thank you, ladies! It's good to be back! Life has settled down and I'm happy to be posting again. Happy Holidays to you all!