Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hi. My name is Pat, and I'm a Pinterest addict

What I looked like when I found a great

It started out as mere curiosity. I mean, how could something as innocent as pictures of art projects become an addiction? Very easily, my friends. I have no idea how many pins I have pinned to my boards, but I do know that hours, literally HOURS have been lost while I endlessly browsed site after site, looking for that new, exciting art project to try with my students.

But alas, I realized that I was turning into a Pinterest addict when one of my sweet kitties asked to be fed while I was pinning, and I must have looked like this-
So I decided that I should get up, look out into the larger world beyond my laptop, and get some exercise (or do a load of laundry for goodness sake!) So this is a cautionary tale for those of you who haven't yet succumbed to the addictive pastime known as Pinterest!


Mrs. C said...

I too have had those Pinterest moments where you completely loose track of time! You tell yourself that you are only going to look for a minute and before you know it it's 3 hours later!!! I was just thinking to myself this morning that its been a while since I have been on Pinterest and maybe I should have a look! Do I dare? Hope you are having a good holiday break! :)

Mr. E said... are Boycotting American Women? Maybe you should make it so you have to moderate the comments coming in. I've gotten a lot of spam lately. Oh..and concerning your got issues, but you already knew that! :) hee hee

Art Project Girl said...

Going to get inspired from your pinboards Pat!

Mrs. P, Art Explorer said...

I, too, am a Pinterest addict...I want to stop (well, not really), but I cannot. One of my favorite pins is one of a child saying "I'm eating a cold hotdog for supper because my mom is on Pinterest." SIGH, if only it weren't true...
(I also decided it was a good idea to moderate comments on my blog after I read the comment above about American women). Seriously, why can't people use their powers FOR GOOD? Have a lovely New Year and get that laundry done! Love, Mrs. P

Pat said...

I don't have a clue about the person who posted the rant on my blog, but I wish them peace and I forgive them their innapropriate comments. This is an art teacher blog, not a venue to spew racist comments. To all of my followers, I will be more observant about the comments that get posted here. Just so you know, that was the first comment, in two years as a blogger, that I have had to delete. Yowza!


Beth Carter said...

I've tried pinning while on the treadmill to feel less guilty.