Thursday, January 24, 2013

Heading back to the salt mine!!

It's been a LONG three weeks, resting and recuperating after my slip on the ice. I got a clean bill of health today from the Neurologist! I have to admit, It feels weird to be heading back to what I hope are three, neat and orderly artrooms. Will the kids be happy to see me? Will I have ANY paper left in my cupboards? Will every eraser still be there?You know what I mean, right? Only another art teacher could understand my trepidation.

I have a whole new appreciation for life, my friends. I came pretty close to meeting my maker and didn't take it lightly when I was told I had a traumatic brain injury. So take it from me when I say, be careful, very careful when conditions turn icy.  Thanks again for all of the well wishes and prayers!



Phyl said...

I was thinking about you today, Pat, and wondering how you were doing. And then I just looked at blogger and here you are! So glad the docs have cleared you. That means you can drive sooner than expected? Are you back home?

I know exactly what you mean about the art room and supplies. No sub, no matter how good, does things exactly like you do. But your kids will be thrilled to see you and you'll be happy to be back, no matter what you find when you get there, I'm sure. Please take it easy, don't put in too any extra hours; ease yourself back in. And if it is as cold there as it is here (below zero) stay warm and please watch out for the ice.

Blythe way,I have a pair of studded 'snow tires' that are like rubber galoshes that slip over a one or boot. You should probably get a pair! I got them from the Vermont Country Store.

Love and hugs and good vibes from the cold northeast!!

Marcia said...

I'm glad you are recuperating. That is really scary! Do you feel back to your old self? Good luck returning to school.

sallgood said...

Warm wishes for a smooth return to your classrooms, and continued good health! :D

Pat said...

Thanks, everyone!


Mrs. C said...

I too was wondering how you were doing! I'm so glad to hear that you have been given a clean bill of health! I agree with Phyl... get a pair of the studded thingys that you pull onto your shoes in the winter! i have a pair that I got from LLBean years ago, they are great! I use them when I shovel my hill of a driveway and when i walk out the garbage cans in the winter. my husband laughed at me when i first bought them but he soon found out they were awesome to keep your footing! Take it easy at work! hope you still have pencils,erasers and paper left! :)

Mrs. P, Art Explorer said...

YAY! Take it easy, but I'm glad to see you're back! Take care, Mrs. P

Beth Carter said...

I feel your pain. I ruptured two neck disks and missed 12 weeks. I had a wonderful sub who was looking for an art teacher job. It was a win win for both of us! Feel better soon.