Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oh No, More Snow!!!

So I went back to school Monday and received lots of hugs and a very warm welcome. It's really nice to know that when you are absent, your friends and students really missed you! Then, today, SNOW DAY!!! Arrgghh! Only seeing my students once a week, this is really gonna throw me off schedule with a couple of deadlines looming for an art show and a contest with a fabulous cash prize. Our local recycling center sponsors a poster contest for 3rd and 4th graders and there are 4 cash prizes where the money is specifically targeted for the purchase of art supplies. Last year, one of my kiddos won 3rd place and we received $750.00! This year we're shooting a little higher-We want to win the $1,250 or the $1,000 prize!

Yesterday, I was working with a group of first graders trying to finish up a couple of projects that were started in December. I have to share the one using Piet Mondrian as an influence because of the disparity between the two projects. See for yourself-


This little boy worked on this for 
almost 90 minutes over two class periods and this is as big as it got!
Talk about task committmentt!


Phyl said...

Hey Pat! Even with a snow day, glad you are back in the classroom.

I wanted to let you know, as a result of Art Project Girl's post tonight, I found myself looking at a lesson she posted on Laurel Burch style cats, that she posted last May. She mentioned me, and then you also mentioned me in a comment (challenging which one of us was the bigger Laurel Burch groupie), and I never saw either till tonight. So you might want to hop over there and read the comment I left (reasserting myself as chief Laurel Burch cat geek). Tongue in cheek of course. You know I love you, sister!

sallgood said...

I know what you mean about getting thrown off by snow days, holidays, etc. when you only see kids once a week. And what do you do when kids are absent?? So hard to keep everybody caught up! :D

Janis said...

Glad you're well again and back in the saddle!

Pat said...

Thanks, Janis! I had a great day today with my kiddos.

Love you, too!!

Beth Carter said...

Ohhhh don't you hate it when you feel like your life is Groundhog Day the movie!! You can't finish anything. We had the ice storm 3 years ago here in Dallas. My student teacher got an eye opening experience. I told her, always use pencil on your lesson plans!!