Thursday, September 12, 2013

I am computer-less!!!!!

It seems that I am extremely hard on my school issue HP laptop. I dropped it off with the techie wizards this morning and the message I got back from one of them sounds ominous......I'm supposed to go back tomorrow morning before school and have them explain what I am doing wrong!! I have used up all of the memory and couldn't figure out how to delete enough stuff or uninstall enough stuff  
to make a dent. I wish information/technology had been an option to declare as a major in the 70's when I was in college. I hate feeling stupid over a piece of mechanical equipment!


Mr. E said...

OH MY GOSH...don't even feel bad about that!?!? I've only got enough knowledge to be dangerous myself. I had two computers totally die on my in the same least yours can be fixed! :) ha ha

VVednes Day said...

Relying on technology as much as we do can be so scary!! My work BFF's school issued laptop has been on the fritz since last year- she brought it into school in JULY and STILL is without it! Apparently it's so far gone, they are just going to Frankenstein it back together. Imagine, the first two weeks of school with no way to take attendance, show power points, write up lessons- even print a worksheet to copy!!

Phyl said...

I do not understand technology at ALL! I know I'm not at school any more, but when I was, we were networked, so very little was actually stored on the machine. Instead, it went...somewhere - but I have no idea where.

My laptop at home is always over-clogged due to the massive # of photos I try to save.

Good luck!