Sunday, September 8, 2013

The First Two Weeks

I've only missed one school because of Labor Day and the classes I have seen have seen have been very productive. Instead of using a theme that revolves around a whole school idea, I planned lessons that were specific to each grade level. I wanted to use the art elements in a very colorful way.

The first three photos are first grade projects. I had the kids do a bleeding tissue background the first week and then add their ocean creatures with black Sharpie marker and  MetallicFX crayons from  Crayola.

The next two are watercolor resist by the second grade followed by
3D leaves created by my fourth grade classes using cons. paper strips and glue. This was a great opportunity to reinforce my mantra of, "Sticky, not wet!" when using glue. I always remind them that if the glue has been  spread and looks clear instead of white, it will dry twice as fast. I am planning on displaying these "leaves" in the display case by stringing them vertically with yarn. I'll post photos if it works out!

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